Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 17

Late post today.

I did get four windows completed on Three Gables.  Pictures tomorrow.

Shopping was a nightmare.  Would be terrified to drive if people drove cars like they drive carts!  Dont know what brought out the crazy today – must have been the thundershowers we had.

The thundershowers were incredible!  At first I couldnt figure out what the rumbling noise was or where it was coming from as there wasnt a boom to go with it.  Then the lightening hit closer to the house and we got the boom to go along with the rumbling.  DL was not happy, he hates thunder but loves watching the lightening.

Tonight had me and the boys sharing in the celebrations of my uncle’s 70th birthday party.  Saw family members I havent seen in years.  It was good to see them.

And many thanks for your wonderful comments on my finishes and WIPs ;o)

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