Monday, October 19, 2009

Just disgusted

As I was adding more Bark to Three Gables I noticed one of my big windows was one row off.  One row.  And the window completely done.  So I spent most of my lunch and ride home removing said window.  Sure I could have made things work but with something this big it would have bothered me and I would notice it every time I looked at it.  So the window had to go.

No picture cause I’m just too disgusted.

Had a good workout tonight.  Moved the weights up all around today.  Chest and back are going to be letting me know their thoughts on that tomorrow and Wed for sure.  Ive taken an Aleve to help with the pain of getting up tomorrow.  Its all about breaking down muscle to make more and moving that metabolism!  Ive lost some inches but that gods be damned scale has moved up! 

Tomorrow is Holiday stitch group at A&T.  Thinking of taking Celtic Autumn with me, or Holly Fairy, although Holly needs some negative stitches.  Yup, big chunk of green removed from her dress, hence why she hasnt come out of the WIP pile yet.  Hate frogging cause you know backwards is just not right!

Well, off to remove the remaining bits of window :o/


  1. Ugh! I feel your pain. Three Gables looks so fab! But I know what you mean. I too would have always known it wasn't right if it was my piece and it would bother me. And I feel your pain on Holly also. A week or so ago I wound up frogging the same spot three times!!!! And with beads to boot.

  2. So sorry about the frogging - ugh - we all hate that! Sorry the scale is going up but muscle does weigh more than fat!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the frogging! As to the inches versus scale...remember muscle is MUCH heavier than fat and it's all about how the clothes fit!!! Way to go!

  4. That is so frustrating - sorry to hear. I hope you can fix it quickly and move on. (I totally would've been bugged by it as well, this happens to me all the time...)