Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Oct 27

Today was a potpourri of stuff.

Parent-Teacher conf for DL.  He is doing good with reading, needs to work on comprehension, and was moved up in math and doing good.  Nice to hear for the first part of the year.

Work was so busy today!  Amazing that on the days I need to work from home its a firestorm at work.  Makes me feel like Ive ran a marathon – at a slow walk (connection could be better).

Stitch group was small tonight.  I actually pulled out Tanglewood, finished the inside of one branch, started another (finishing off the thread) and started outline on another branch.  All that and not enough to show.  I did kit up Midnight Watch, picked out (with help) fabric and changed the colors for the moon.  Shop was out for the threads called for so I exchanged with GA Autumn.  The outline buds and moon I kept as specialty threads but the rest will be DMC.  I just cant see the need to spend the money on threads where the color difference cant be seen.


Boxes can be so fun!

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  1. hahaha look at the babies in the box. :) love it.