Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Day 20

Oh my, twenty days into Blogtoberfest and I havent missed a day yet.

No stitchy updates.  I did pick up my Namaste buddy case for needles, scissors and other stuff.


And yes I got mine in lime green :op

I also picked up fabric for Ladies' Night.  Its 28 ct Lugana and a wonderful blue-purple overdye from Colorscapes.  I will try and get a good pic of it soon.  Not sure how well it will photograph.

More fabric was picked up for Welcome October by Brenda.  32ct (I believe) Havana.  Perfect with the colors as suggested.

Had a call from the adoption center for the kittehs and had to break the news about the name change.  Not sure why I felt bad for changing the names.  Maybe cause they were the first kitten fosters the lady had and she named them.  

Many thanks for the well wishes on my battles with weights (puny lol).  I do realize that muscle is heaver than fat.  Just hard to get brain cells wrapped around that cause a lb is a lb in my brain no matter what it is.  Another surprise is how much I dont ache today with the added weights to my Monday workout.  I was expecting to really have issues as I basically upped everything by 10 – 15 lbs.  Done being MS nice guy and taking charge.  I actually feel quite good, muscle wise.  nice for a change :)


  1. Love your little lime green case - I'll have to go check those out!

    I wonder if the adoption folks really expect you to keep the names of animals you get? I've changed every one we've ever adopted.

  2. I felt bad when we changed Stella's name from Samantha. But really I can't call my dog the name of someone in my family!