Friday, October 23, 2009

7 more days

till Halloween!!

Feeling better today.  Must be the 8hrs of sleep I was allowed.  No more than that as Loki decided I had slept enough and demanded attention at 4am.  After 15 min I gave up trying to ignore him and just got moving. 

Took parents and aunt to the airport at 6am (too early but again I was already up).  They are on their way to Hawaii to visit my cousin (who just made Gunny!) who is stationed there.  I hope they have a good time.

I wish Oregon DOT would get a brain and figure out that mat finished street/highway lines CANNOT be seen at dark-30 in the pouring rain!

As this year Ive announced I will stay home and hand out treats (weather is gonna suck), Im joining Rachel S in a SAT on Halloween.  I want to start (and dare I say finish) Welcome October by Thy Needle and Thread and maybe work on Three Gables.  Im hoping due to the weather the treaters will be few and the x's will be many...

Tomorrow the boys will be picking out costumes for the big day and hopefully pumpkins.  Carving should commence sometime this weekend.  Im planning on baking some pumpkin cookies and bread.  I was able to get a HUGE bag of fresh cranberries so along with getting them into the bread I will be making fresh cranberry sauce which is always better and very yummy on anything with turkey.

No stitchy updates today – no time to stitch so far today.  I may get something out and started but its late and Im tired.

Thank you for visiting and sharing comments :o)

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