Monday, October 12, 2009

Brain cramps

Who knew picking out names for kitties could be so exhausting?  We have one picked for the girl (and you all have to wait to find out) but the boy is giving us fits.  Mainly cause we just cant agree.  She can be such a lady, at times.  He however has fire ants in his pants most of the time.

And they’ve taken over my office chair!


I was able to work a bit last night on Nora’s Letter N and got some beading done. 

Nora's Letter N 10-12-09 Nora's Letter N 2 10-12-09


Watched Year One while stitching.  Just cant get in to the funny-ha-ha’s of this one.

And here is what Ive completed so far on Three Gables.

Three Gables 10-12-09  

I love the fabric I was able to snag for this project.

Thanks to Kellie and Jackie for their info on Valdani threads.  Now to wait for the chart, pick out my fabric and order the threads – 6 strands.


  1. Oh, the kitties are so cute! Your "N" is coming along nicely as are the gables! I also love the fabric you're using for that - great color!

  2. Beautiful letter N! And great progress on your new start!

    It's a given...if it is the chair you were thinking of sitting in chances are there is a cat already in it.

  3. The N is beautiful!! :)

    The kitty on top looks just like ours, Schrodinger. Though I only recommend the name if you like seeing your vet have a fit every time you come in.

    Boy kitty name suggestions for Fire Ants Cat: Wiggum, Butters, and Tweak.