Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Making things difficult!

Darn LHN!  Did you see the new designs she is coming out with?  It is making it really difficult for me to get my list of WIPs down!

Poinsettia House


Is this not perfect for the holidays?  Reds, greens and Poinsettias!

Winter Greens


This one is almost just as bad.

I love the holidays.  Thanksgiving and Christmas have just a festive feeling for me. 

Thanksgivings my family would drive to Grandma’s house (yes, over the river and through the woods and to an old farm house on a gravel road! 8 hr trek to Potlatch, ID back in those days) where we would celebrate family with close to 200 people.  Rent out the local gym and spend the whole weekend eating and playing card games (pass the Ace, Pinochle, Bridge).  And if the snow wasnt already on the ground it would be falling soon.  I cannot recall any year where we didnt play in the snow.  While these huge gatherings stopped soon after my grandfather’s death we still managed to get 30 – 40 people gathered.

Christmas had us opening up presents at home and then going to my aunt' & uncle’s house in town for a good Norwegian feast (that would be the aunt.  Uncle was dad’s brother).  There we would play with cousins, share in our Christmas booty, eat, play some more, have lots of dessert (mmm chocolate, pecan, mince meat pies) and end with playing Pass the Ace or Oh Shit! (aka Aggravation)

D & I try and spend quiet days at home making sure that we have special items everyone wants to eat for dinner.  I also try and do something special for Christmas breakfast.  Christmas Eve is spent with the in laws while New Years is turning into a special day with my family as bil is a minister and trying to get together around Christmas can be a nightmare in scheduling.


  1. Both of the projects you featured are just gorgeous!

    200 people at Thanksgiving is a lot! It must have been fun to have attended such an event as a kid. It's getting to be that time of year again - time to think and plan for the holidays!

  2. My wish list keeps getting bigger and BIGGER! I love LHN anyhow and when I saw Poinsettia House and Joy I knew I was hooked yet again!