Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Whew needed a rest :p

One blog post a week aint bad, is it?  Oh well, Im not going to worry much about it :op

Had a b-day party for P last Saturday.  5, 12 year olds (4 boys 1 girl)running around the house and then going to the local amusement park, Oaks Park and let them loose.  Well, not really loose, D followed them while I tagged along with DL.  THEN D had a grand idea of letting the kids choose a carnival prize to bring home.  Can you guess what we brought home?  Yup, 5 weapons and one animal.  So while we waited for the parents to show up, the kids had a d&d style fight in the yard with the girl taking away abilities or healing as needed.

I have become addicted to twitter.  Dont know if that is sad or not.  Ive tried to circumvent the “blocked for your protection” crap at work but they found my work around and blocked it. bummer.  Yes I still have my phone but I cant keep tabs on the cross stitch or PAX searches Im watching.  So

I have been stitching. Bits and pieces here and there

Nora’s Letter K – Added more to the garland

Nora's Letter K 7-15-09

Tanglewood – added more to the outside of a lower branch and sky

Tanglewood 7-15-09

Dragon of Fire – bits here and there

Dragon of Fire 7-15-09

CDD – Had to completely start over.  Had an issue with the fabric on the first start.  This version is much darker and I think works better with the thread.

CDD Redo 7-15-09

Until next week?


  1. That is a wonderful progress on all your stitching!!
    Don't worry about the posting once a week. I post also only once a week ;)

  2. Everything looks great.
    Heck, some of my posts are more like ten days apart!

  3. Very nice progress on your WIPs.