Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fell behind

Not that its been quiet here but just havent had the energy to really post much.

I worked on La D Da’s Quaker Alphabet, a bit over the weekend and more tonight and finished the bottom motifs.

La D Da Quaker Alphabet 7-8-09

And I have a Tanglewood update, showing the finished peacock proudly perched on his branch.  Ive been working on completing page 2.  

Tanglewood 7-8-09

Sadly Tanglewood isnt making it to the fair this year.  I should have it done for next.  I am proud for the push I did make to get it completed.  I dont think I would have gotten this far if I didnt.


  1. Great progresses on your stitching!! It looks wonderful.

  2. Beautiful stitching, Rachael!