Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tweet Notes

Its time to color up the white noise with some fleshing out of the tweets

My job = a dung beetle trying to mate with an epileptic cow. To me from a co-worker. Made me roflol. Thx  - Had issues during the past couple weeks where end users would send issues in with explanations that even had I been there in person I wouldnt have been able to help.  I can be a bit moodier than most in this area as Ive worked in the car business (D currently does) and now Im in tech.  Its hard to get people (end users) to give more information than they think we need.  As a friend of mine constantly says, the more explanations in paragraphs you send me the better I can help you :)

@CaptainTapole The art of ninja is to slip out while the are still there *poof* – Ah, the art of sneaking out of the work place while management is still there…  I guess I have it easy as Im right next to the elevators and my boss is on the other side of the building (muhahaha!!)

I will never understand the "ohh & ahhh" of a white car with red interior – Seriously!  When I worked at a Chrysler dealership we had one manager who ALWAYS ordered these!  And no one would buy them!

sad when a vendor wants to check your issue to a similar one w/ diff cust when u know that diff cust is YOU! – Customer service really isnt their strong point.  And yes, this is one of my main Software vendors.  Issue we have been dealing with for over a year now, with the same support dude who acts like its a totally new issue every time we send in additional updates.  Simply amazing.

I will NEVER understand why wrestling is on the SYFY channel. They could at least run one of their B movie (d or below really) movies. I guess they could count this as a fantasy part of their programming but its stretching the genre a tad

Damn you Deadliest Catch. got something in my eye ... – So sad about the deck hand on Sig’s boat.  Sad to hear about his sister.

Well, thats all Ive got for now :o)


  1. Dung beetle... epileptic cow.. can't breath, laughing too hard, may have peed a little just then.

  2. Just wanted to warn you that the title of your blog is the title of Steven Tyler's autobiography coming out in October -

    How funny is that?