Monday, July 6, 2009

Decisions made – maybe

I spent time this weekend floss tossing for Mary Wigham and I think I have winners

Fabric I love is Vintage Lentil but not sure if I can stomach the cost at this time.

Ive cut the number of colors down to 4.  Green, red, charcoal and yellow.

I tossed with CC and WDW (tossed on Vintage Lentil)


and with Belle Soie; Fern Frond, Cake, Noir & Poison Apple.

I was going to search and find matches on HDF but have really fallen in love with the Belle Soie.

Now the question is 35, 36 or 40ct fabric  *sigh


  1. Oh... found you while searching for other bloggers doing Mary... love your colour choices!

  2. 40!!! do it on 40 ct!!! IMHO lolol