Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Fun filled days

Damn migraines anywhoo.  Ive made a corporate decision to stop all prescribed migraine meds.  My headaches have been so much worse since starting them and after this weekend's bout of non-stop, maddening pain Im done.  Id rather deal with the sinus pressure headaches than what Ive been having any day.  Im all for visiting a chiropractor to see if I need stuff aligned and the wonderful massage therapists for rubs as apposed to pills any day :P

Another darn goes out to Babs for pointing out a Cross-eyed Cricket chart, Ladies' Night # 267.

Love this one!  The gal in the third block is what clinched it.  She is a riot!  Added it to the ever increasing want list.  Im trying to be good people and you all are making it damn hard!

The baby sampler is close to completion but thx to the issues posted about above, I may not get it completed by Thursday shower time.  Any thoughts as to how I should present it?  Rolled up and wrapped with paper cutouts for the little one's vital info?  Im still messing around with the thought of getting a frame.  Even if it was completed (vehicle wise) I would be holding onto it until the little one presents himself - he's not due til end of May.


  1. As someone who also suffers with migraines I hope you soon find the cure that works for you or even better identifies what is causing them.

    Sorry no thoughts on how to present the gift.

  2. Isn't this one of the best charts? I love this (and, unfortunately have it too)...I would love to do the purse thing like they did but I'm not that good.

  3. I hope you get a solution to your migraines soon. They definitely seem to be a problem for you.

    No suggestions on the baby sampler - I avoid doing things that are information specific, because I've had too many times when the 3rd-hand info on the baby's name, etc., has been WRONG! Even for my own kids, I just did their names and birthdates, because at the moment of charting I could not find the lengths. Perfectionism wins again!

  4. I am so sorry that you have to suffer from migraines. I am one too and know exactly how you feel, so you are not alone. I take no medication, but I do take excedrin migraine and it helps a little. I keep saying I will go, but never do.
    I love the designs in the leaflet.
    Good Luck on the Baby Sampler by Thursday

  5. Hope your migraines get better.

    And, drat! Now I have to get that chart!

  6. I hope you feel better and that the chiropractor can do some good.