Sunday, April 12, 2009

Bad, thats me

I said I would post pics of the baby sampler today and I have to disappoint.  Sorry.  Blaming it on migraines and the sapping of strength they do to me.

Boys and I went to Lisa's for lunch.  Met the folks there.  I was nice enough to bring the CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM HELL (costco) along with strawberries and fresh, real whipped cream.  Sis was very (NOT) happy that I brought the cake.  She's on one of those perma-diets but made room for a piece anyway.  Props (snaps?) go to the BIL for having 2 slices!  I brought home a small triangle of what was left.  Will be kept for next weekend for the boys to scarf, planning on DL not being grounded again...

I took the sampler with me to work on and did so while playing Settlers of Catan (such the multi-tasker I am!).  That got the attention of my older neice, who then went and got one of the beginner projects I got her for Christmas.  So while playing Settlers and working on my sampler, I got her started on her project! (see?  multi-tasker!)  She caught on quick.

Gotta go.  Homer seems hell bent on sharing his bear with the WHOLE house.  Has brought the bear into the office twice!  Guess the ignoring is too rude  (lol).  Apparently someone is demanding attention :o)

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  1. Kudos for enabling a new stitcher!

    Homer is such a cutie with his bear, awwww!