Saturday, April 11, 2009

Feel good moments

#1 Bye bye old washer - Was able to unload our old washer on Craigslist for 0.00.  Had it up for maybe 10 min and had a caller spaz out  - did I still have it, was anyone on the way for it, would I hold it for her and she promised to be here by 6:30pm.  Reassured her many times that she was my first caller and I would hold it for her.  Was happy to have someone come and get it so it would be used rather than dump it.  Nothing wrong with it, but we upgraded when we remodeled.  The old dryer was dead - was older than dirt when I bought it close to 20 yrs ago so it got dumped during the remodel.

#2 Dump run - cleared out a part of the garage in prep to move our bed there (plan was for us to get our new bed this weekend).  Both of the boys old beds got dumped so they now have even more room.

#3 New Bed - Went to Costco to see what kinds they had, liked the Sealy West Wind.  Stopped by Sleep Country (attack of the salesman) and got "schooled" in the proper builds of beds and that Costco sold crap.  Next store was Bed Mart (Serta heaven).  Salesman was very nice and helpful.  Knew what we had seen at Costco (even had the pamphlet) and was able to show us comparable beds as they dont have Sealy.  We ended up buying from Bed Mart, not a Serta but a Spring Air.  2008 model and still close to Costco's king price.  It will be so nice to sleep on a new bed.  Ours is close to 15 yrs if not older - body divots galore!  There's only so much flipping that can be done.

#4 Stitching - Between migranes Ive been working on the baby sampler.  Must be completed before Wed so I can get a frame to "give the gift" in for the shower on Thurs.  I completed the plane and started the final cloud Friday.  I will post pics tomorrow as its too dark now.


  1. Sounds like you're getting lots done around the house...I wish I could say the same. Trying to decided whether to vacation during my semester break or do the "right" thing and spring clean...

  2. Congratulations on the new you will get such great sleep you can marathon stitch!