Thursday, April 9, 2009

Reruns of reruns or reruns

What is up with House and NCIS or USA?  All week, shows Ive already seen several times before and Im just not in the mood to sit through them again.  Must be part of my missing mojo.

Fellow blogger Cyn posted about how she does journals her works.  I left a comment for her and thought I would post the same here.

My journal is a word doc.  I toyed with using a binder or composition book but couldnt trust that I would keep them up to date.  Im almost always on the computer and Im able to bring the file with me (stitching, usb drive and a laptop - Im mobile)

I started my journal in 2008 and added older starts as best I could,  remembering as much data as possible.  I have the same file for everything, just add a new header for the new year.  Using headings Im able to create a Table of Contents and update the table when a new project is started (and added).

Pictures are added as projects are finished.  Most arent finished/completed, just stitching done.  its enough for me to see what the end result is.

I use the same data template throughout

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  1. What a great idea, I may have a go at one of those myself!