Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fabric received and an update

It was a busy weekend but thankfully a bunch was accomplished.  Sat was spent packing up the parents stuff at the apartment and move boxes to the house.  Then rearranging boxes in the house so the big stuff could be brought.  Today was spent rearranging more boxes.

Yesterday I received a wonderful package in the mail.  I won the hand-dyed fabric created by Staci.  They look fabulous and I hope the picture does them some justice.  Cant wait to find something to stitch on them.  The tags she included with each and the names are wonderful.  They are April Showers, Barnwood, and Sandstone

Blog - Fabric win

I did work on Mackenzie’s sampler Friday and some on Sat, not much so far today.

Baby Sampler - mackenzie 4-26-09

I had grand hopes on getting it finished this weekend but the parents move came first.


  1. The baby sampler looks fab and you've got so much finished!

    Yay, moving. Boxes and boxes. I hope it all goes well!

  2. Lucky you! That fabric is gorgeous