Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A RAK and a frog

I received an early Mother’s day present from my dear friend Elizabeth


I cant wait to start working on this one!  More fun floss tossing :oP  I may try to dye my own fabric for this project and also try the box finish.  Thinking of using it as a candy holder for work.

Now for the frog…

It was Drawn Thread/Ink Circle stitch group at A&T last night so I brought out Tanglewood.  Had fun with the gals while stitching, kitted up CDD (Garnet fabric with blue/purple thread – pics when the thread comes in) and then sat down to work more and found I had been using the wrong color of thread!  So at least 1/2 of what I got accomplished is now being riiipped out.  Hopes with this group that Tanglewood may be completed by end of 2009 (fingers crossed)


  1. Grrr. Sorry about the wrong thread color. I did that on a RR piece, that had a color chart, not a symbol chart, and one day I switched to the other side of the couch and a different lamp and...grrrr. I did not rip it out, I left a note for the next person. It was over half of my section that was the wrong shade of pistachio green.

  2. What a wonderful Halloween project! That purple fabric would be so much fun to dye!

    Awww, that darn frog!

  3. I love that pattern.

    Sorry the frogs visited. Don't ya just hate that?!

  4. That looks like a great project to get cracking on, even better you alreday know how you plan on using it.