Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another baby, another sampler

A friend of mine had another grandbaby.  Little Mackenzie Rose was born yesterday afternoon.  So I got busy today creating a sampler as a gift.


The font needs to be changed.  Its good for a place holder now.  I need to get off my butt and add more fonts to my program.

Part of me feels a tad bad as I didnt do anything for grandbaby #1, but I wasnt back into stitching as I am now.  I suppose I could to a late one just so everything is “fair”.  And I would get to great another chart :op

Other than creating this new chart, I didnt do much today except for search for blog post publishers outside of blogger.  Work has blocked me (bummer!) and there are computer-geeky things Ive been wanting to post to my geek blog.  I think Ive found it in Windows Live Writer.  Im able to easily add pics without having to program where they may be hosted (they arent) and labels pretty easily.  The real test comes tomorrow while I try and post my findings (SharePoint, InfoPath) to my geek blog.  Wish me luck in that Live Writer isnt blocked from posting to blogger.

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  1. Hi Rachel. Thanks for commenting on my baby sampler. Yours looks very cute.

    I sewed a piece of fabric to the back of my sampler that is the same as the border on the front.

    Before sewing, I sewed the ends of the ribbon trim onto the front at the top. I also used some fusible fleece on the back of the stitching.

    Sew right-sides together, leave a space for turning, turn and slip stitch the opening closed.

    I put a piece of wire hangar across the top on the inside and sewed it to the backing behind the ribbon before I stitched the opening in the seam closed. That's so it won't sag when you hang it.

    Hope this gives you some ideas.