Monday, April 20, 2009

Working long into the night

And nope its not stitchy work sad to say.

Ive been researching InfoPath and SharePoint issues (errors) trying to find answers that just arent out there.  

Why am I working late into the night you ask?  Well the wonders in the security department have taken it upon themselves to save us from the wilds of the World Wide Web in the name of "You're using all the bandwidth!"  Sad to hear from a technology company (yes, we sell software).  So to surf the web and look at the blogs that are now blocked at work, I have to work at home.  If anyone has any hints, tips & tricks or know how in InfoPath or SharePoint (2007) I would love to pick your brain.

I was able to take a break and work a bit on Dragon of Fire.  Promise to share photos soon.  He finally has somewhat of a head, much better than the lump of what before.

The Spring bunny cube was well received :o)  Pretty much a sure thing when its with bunnies.

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