Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekends just never seem long enough

Really not much stitching completed this weekend.  Spent Friday with my sister, P and I played Settlers of Catan with her while the younger kids ran around crazy - fun had by all.  Lisa won.  D worked Sat and I just couldnt bring myself to do much.  I did watch chick flix while he was out, Mirror has Two Faces and As Good as it Gets.  Dragged the kids shopping.  Went to the library Sunday, JoAnn's and Michaels for thread for dragons and baby sampler I created (more on that below).  Weird thing about JoAnns is that all of the Charles Craft fabric was on clearance (and gone)  Not sure if its just the crappy location of this particular JoAnns (not a superstore).  Michaels didnt have much to choose from either.  And got 6 more books from the library.  Too bad its spring break this week - no train for reading :op.

Stitchy stuff

His Name update - I thought I'd put down the baps and work on some gifty items, you know actually get something in the done pile for this year :op  Forgive the pic, the yellows never seem to want to cooperate for the camera.  Im close to finishing pg 1 of this project.

I finally got a baby sampler charted for a friend of mine.  Im still playing around with the font.  Needs something better than what Ive got but you all get the idea.

I have more Dragon Dream dragons I want to do - got the thread but Im being picky about the fabric and apparently 32 ct evenweave is hard to find at local craft stores.  *sigh.  I had planned on dying my own, save some cash but between the fabric and the dye I need, it may be a wash to purchase it on the web.

And Ive been busy converting wonderful images found on the web into baps.  Like I know when I will get to these.  Definitely not getting the floss until Joanns has a sale :o) 


  1. Nice progress and your baby sampler will be neat.

  2. Great progress on His Name.

    My Joann had charles craft fabric on huge clearance a few weeks ago, along with DMC fabric. But they've restocked it all at regular price now. Maybe they were just rotating stock - does stitching fabric have an expiration date?

  3. Weekends aren't long enough, we should protest!

    Wonderful progress on His Name! Love the baby sampler idea ~ too sweet for a baby boy!

    A while back I'd just purchased a bunch of floss and then Michael's sends me a coupon for 10% off a total purchase. Crap! I've been waiting for another of those coupons...