Thursday, March 19, 2009

I got blinded by science

Trip to the Optometrist to see if bad eye sight may be part of the cause of my migraines and got dilated for my troubles :o(  

Had to go shopping afterwards, wasnt planing on getting dilated.  Was mighty interesting picking out strawberries, DL helped with that as he wanted them for dessert later (motivation rules!).  The boys were wonderful helpers while I tried to figure out what to get.  Driving was ok, not fun but ok.  Luckily everything is close to home

Also found out that my pupils are a bit on the large side which answers why I really dont like driving at night - who knew?

Stitchy wise I pulled out His Name yesterday, added 2 letters and finished a word (ok, finishing the 2 letters finished the word but something was completed!)  Nothing is coming out tonight, my eyes are still really wigged out.

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