Wednesday, March 25, 2009

mmm Fabric

I went fabric shopping yesterday and came home with finds :o)

Baby sampler fabric - I went with yellow for this project.  I think it will make the colors pop and its still ok for a boy.

Dragon Dreams elemental dragons (Fire, Earth, Water, Air) - I was able to find 4 fabrics that will set off each dragon wonderfully!  Very pleased with myself.

Now Im off to see how much of the sampler I can get done today.


  1. Vicarious drooling. I agree, the yellow will be okay for a boy, with all the blues. And love your choices for the Elemental Dragons!

  2. Great floss tosses! I especially LOVE the orange and yellow ones!

  3. Oh! Those fibers are terrific
    great choices.

  4. Ooh, you picked some beautiful colors! Now I want to go get more floss!

  5. Great floss toss! Love the colors