Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Morning freakouts are generally bad

Sad morning.  Freaked out around 5am that I didnt set my alarm, flicked the switch, rolled over and raced back to dreamland.  Next thing I know a bright light and music I dont care for is right in my face (alright not really in my face, on the other side of D but darn close enough!).  My mind knows Ive messed up and slept in longer than allowed but I still have to ask for the time, which I scream at D for (poor guy).  Now Im racing to get P up and me showered.  Yup, I had turned the darn alarm off!

I hate waking up like that cause it generally leads to a really crappy day - surprisingly that did not happen!  Woot!!  Had a great day at work (nothing really awful happened), D got home early enough for me to jump ship and join in at stitch group (always a fun time) and the library had 2 books waiting and I picked up another 3 and placed 4 on reserve - new reading material for the train :o)


Funny commercial from Hotels.com  Showed an overweight man getting a spray-tan complete with six-pack.  I got a giggle.

Driving home from Stitch group and here the next songs on the radio are from Ozzy, Incubus & Weezer.  WHAT a combo set!  I made it through Weezer (meh) and got through the opening of a classic Ozzy before getting home.

Props to Andrea and Heather for sending me ideas on my massive light-bulb moments that happen in wet areas.  I will take a look at grease pencils and white boards to see what I can come up with that will stick to the tile. Unfortunately its not a smooth tile and Im not wanting to glue anything to the walls.  But I will persevere!

I wish I could see who is subscribing me to google reader.  All Im allowed to see is that there are 67 of you out there but not whom.  For those 67 - Booya!  Thanks for joining in my wacky world :o).  I love that blogger allows you to see who's following you, I like taking walks in the internet and looking at other bloggers blogs who are taking time to read mine :o)

Stitchy stuff

No new pics to share cause I havent done anything since Sunday!  Thankfully its not due to a lack of mojo.  Monday I had a wonderful headache and took Imitrex and felt completely wasted (stoned even) for the entire night.  Was not a good idea to take anything out.

Tonight - even though I went to holiday stitch group I didnt stitch on ANYTHING.  Even worse, I kitted up another project.  Ink Circle's Growth Rings - Will be done on 32ct Lugana Rocky Road with Caron wildflowers Evergreen (rings) & Nefertiti (fiddlybits).  Had great fun picking the colors out with Roz & Jeannine.  The threads are on order but the fabric is already there.  Cant wait to start on this one :o)

And finally but not lastly I received the Sunflower bellpull I won on Andrea's giveaway.  This chart just looks so cheery doesnt it?


  1. I'm one of the 67 can't help with the other 66 :) and I often wonder the same thing!

  2. I don't think I'm one of the other 66 - I honestly stopped clicking on the "follow" button when I put the blog feed on my sidebar. It clutters up my dashboard too much to have too many blogs to follow.

    I find new people (like you) by going to my favorites, then going to their favorites. I figure if someone likes a blog enough to add it to their sidebar, it's worth looking at and sharing with all the world.

    So I guess I'm more of a lurker than a follower, LOL!

  3. I'm one of the 67, too. I don't know why, but I'd rather have subscribers than followers, personally. The folks that I see as followers of my blog weren't even ones whose blogs I'd stumbled across (and I do A LOT of stumbling - there are over 600 stitchy blogs in my Google reader) before they showed up as followers, so it kind of creeped me out a little wondering how did they find ME? Am I weird to feel that way? Or just weird, generally? :P