Sunday, March 15, 2009

Damn you shower gods!

They hit me again.  I had some perfectly awesome bloggy type thinks while I was taking a shower, cause where else to awesome bloggy thinks come except for when there is NOTHING to write on or with?  I so need to get to the local Dive shop (or next best thing) and get a pad with pen (pencil?) that I can use in the damn shower!  D was the one to give me that idea and with spring break around the corner, I just may have to drag the kids with me and search for one.

Freakaziod is FINALLY out on DVD.  I am so exited!!  Its now next in line for Netflix.  Yet another thing to warp my kids minds.  (muhaha ha)
Also found The Real Ghostbusters on DVD.  Those they've already seen.  I had (key word there) them on VHS but they got played so much the tape broke!

D has been bringing project fixings home for the boys.  We have 1000's of Popsicle sticks along with other dowels and flat pieces of plywood.  Yesterday he brought home paint, brushes and a battery powered glue gun (with glue sticks).  Im thinking that will be an item I "borrow" on a regular basis for finishing projects.  I still have quite a few ornaments that have been waiting for me to get to them

Now on to the stitchy news!

Now when I last posted (Sat?) I stated that I had a goal (silly me) to get Frodo his face by Sun.  Well I made a damn good dent (sorry Frodo) into completing this.  I got one full half and a good chunk (not happy face adjectives are they?) of the second completed.  


D assures me that he can see the face.  Thats good cause to me its been just a bunch of color blobs, working to closely with the medium I guess.  I have to say the pic does look pretty good :P  This project now has ~3600 x's completed (whew!)  I had a wonderful busy weekend with this one and may keep it as the main project for a while rather than switching between the baps.  Of course now that I have that recorded, I will change it (lol)


  1. I can see the face.

    Maybe a small dry erase board? I don't know how those handle humidity. But it sounds like you need one.

  2. Looks like Frodo to me!!! =)

    Hey, what about a "grease pencil"...I don't know the real name, but you can get them at craft stores, I think. Rather than sharpening them, you peel paper off...hey, let's use our searching skills, shall we?? Hey, what do you know, I was right: You could write directly on the shower wall, LOL!!! (I think it would work with the dry erase board, too.)