Saturday, March 14, 2009

Love the weather

I love the weather, Really!  Snow Monday & Tuesday with 60 deg or so on Friday and today we have rain, lots of rain.  Thank gods Im on migraine meds or I would be one sorry chick!

Speaking of the meds, things are looking (feeling rather) much better.  I guess the bod needed to get used to the influx of help in that area and was making me pay for the confusion it had.  Ive been able to have at least 2 days with no head pain and one with minimal (just needed to increase fluid intake).  Heaven I tell you!

On the stitchy side of things

I had one of those just-waking-up, washing-in-the-shower, light-bulb moments this morning about a stitchy present for a family member.  Unfortunately that is all I can say - any more and if she meanders through the blog again she may read about it and totally spoil the surprise.  And that would make me sad.  I hate to ruin those just-waking-up, washing-in-the-shower, light-bulb moments.

Ive been working on LOTR map this weekend.  Added more to Frodo's face yesterday for the Lets Stitch SAT.  I have a goal to at least finish both eye balls with a harder goal of finishing his whole face by Sunday before I hit the pillow.

I have to go and pester Homer cause he is causing a ruckus with all his snoring.


  1. Glad your meds are shaking out. Headaches are no fun, and it sounded like yours were definitely interfering with life.

    I have my lightbulb moments as I'm just drifting off to sleep. Then I lay there and try to visualize the project in my head, and obsess about it until I get a pad of paper and write some of it down. Good luck with keeping it a secret - that's the hardest part for me!

  2. I hope you can reach your goal by Sunday!

    Our weather has had such wild swings...I never know what to wear and allergies are rampant!

  3. OMG last week I had a headche that started on a Thursday and finally ended on Tuesday! I swear I so understand. I tell my family if they want to know what the weather will be like, just ask me...the squirrel. :-) Anxious to see what your stitchy surprise is!