Thursday, March 12, 2009

Darn wind and dead leaves

Had a freak out moment.  Very sad actually.  Getting out of the car this afternoon and thought a HUGE (and I mean ginormous) grasshopper had hopped right by my foot as I put it down.  Now in my right mind (or is that left) I know that the PacNW just doesnt have beasties like that (well, not where I live)  a closer inspection showed that it was just a dried leaf getting tossed in the wind - Whew!

Now here is something that struck me as funny.  A Today commercial with a tag line of "A Today Exclusive, Tomorrow"  Now I realize this is a promo for an interview of who-ever on the Today show tomorrow but think about what the phrase is saying.  Why would you wait for tomorrow on an exclusive happening today?

And on to the important stuff - Stitching (with no pics-darn!)

I pulled Dragon Tulip out this morning and added a few x's.  Still waiting to get out of the greens.  This evening I finally pulled out Wolves after 8pm.  Just couldnt get the stitch bug out and to the fingers.  I could look at the darn projects all over my desk but getting the arms and fingers to actually pull them out took doing.

Off to bed and listen to NatGeo's Naked Science explain why Jupiter's Giant Red Spot is red.  Which makes me think of why pink flamingos are pink and why the sky is blue... ok Im going now before I go any further!

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