Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Could it be? Its possible...

I think Im close to human again - Woot! (but say it quietly)  My head still aches but its doable in that I can deal with it and not take meds.  Sort of like my TMJ, slight constant ache of pain, not Advil or Tylenol worthy but nothing that will cause me to want to curl up in fetal and cry either.  Im now wondering if my head is hurting more now because of the meds or because of other fellow sufferers sharing stories.  Either way I am doing a journal to share with the Dr so we can maybe modify dosage if needed.  

The Dr did strongly suggest back massages.  What a hard prescription to take!  *sigh, I just dont know if I can handle that (hehe).  Actually I cant wait til Monday as thats when we have a gal that comes to work and for a nominal fee she will do wonders on my back.

Well the parents are close to making another decision to move back to the house.  Things are not looking good (apparently) for the refinance as a reverse mortgage.  Guess there isnt as much equity as originally thought.  So as they shouldnt move back in how some things currently stand (carpet and the walls could be painted and the lino can be done over) now would be the perfect time to do that.  Especially as no one is habitating the domicile atm.  So I asked Mom to get some quotes, Lisa (sister) is going to talk with a contractor friend of theirs to see if/how they might be able to help.  Wouldnt it be wonderful if we could have a "handy-person" close to help out with round the house things.

Stitchy stuff -

Im laying off WAR for a bit while my head is getting back to normal.  Funny how stitching isnt making things worse - yet.  Course now that I just jinxed that...

Zokutou Word Meter that I use for my BAP side bar appears to have a bit of an issue in the AP department.  The site they've used is a bit behind on their payments - or so the site is telling me.  I do hope they are able to get things back in the black.  I love that I can enter how many Ive completed with how much there is total and have a wonderful, colorful bar to help show that :o)

I worked on Dragon Tulip a bit today, just around 100 added.  Still just greens.  Now my little piece of seaweed has a tail...

Sorry for the blurry pic.  The camera just did not want to take pictures today.

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  1. Good to read you don't have constantly pain anymore! I can imagine that this isn't fun to deal with!

    Great progress on your Dragon Tulip!