Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Winding Wednesday


Cat naps - dont know about the rest of you but a 15-20 min nap, anywhere, can be a real recharger for me.  Im almost tempted to snag one of the quiet rooms at work when I have one of "those" days and get recharged.  Not to mention it helps clear out some of the headaches Ive been having.

Stitchy stuff

I spent my Wed evening winding bobbins for LOTR.  I had all threads in floss away bags but found getting to the stuff I needed, fighting to open said bag and stuffing everything back in when there were so many bags was just not fun.  And stitching HAS to be fun or I wont do it.  So winding I went.  I now have a nice small container filled with bobbins ready to go.  The bags will wait for smaller projects.

Im also trying out parking threads on LOTR, just to see how it goes.  The start of LOTR (well, the whole thing) is just confetti, tad different than LOTR Map where I have tons of black.  It was a bit daunting when I started LOTR, and starting not to be fun as I was treating the stitching on it like any other project.  Wrong thinking, so parking gets a chance to show me if it will help make the project fun :o)

Sorry no pics today.  Nothing really worked on and Homer hasnt been very photogenic the past few days.


  1. I tend to do all one color until it's done, but my current WIP (meaning the one that gets my attention) only has 4 colors, and I get tired of stitching solid blocks. Plus it's multiple pages, so when I finish one page of the design, if I still have a decent amount of thread, I park it until I get to the next page. For a larger design with a lot of counting, I like doing it that way.

  2. I find it best to work with one color at a time, realize my mis-counting once I've moved on to the the next color, begin frogging, throw a hissy fit, give up and move on to the next project. It's a tried and true formula.
    I hope you are feeling better.

  3. BAP's are such a challenge are they not? But boy oh boy it is going to be awesome when you get done! Keep us posted on it.