Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturdays need to be longer!

Why is it some of the best ideas of the day happen in the shower?  I swear I need a grease pen and something to write on for the shower so I can capture these for later.  I have some really good pondering ideas as well as work-related light bulbs that just pop out when Im washing my hair.

Boys got hair cuts, small bit of shopping was accomplished, magazines and books purchased, dinner made and eaten and now time for me to chill.

D and DL are playing Lips on the xbox.  Well, D is with DL looking on.  Dont think DL will get on and join.  P is playing a game on his computer.  Dont think we will see him again until bed time.

Stitchy Stuff
I got the March 2009 Cross-Stitch & Needlework at Borders today.  Found 3 projects I might do - some time :oP.  There is one I think Mom might like.  Not sure if I would as it looks like there are 50+ colors being used.  It would look nice finished as a pillow.

Ive been working on my LOTR bap this weekend.  Got a good start on it earlier in the week to see how "easy" it would be to stitch and where would be the easist place to stitch it.  Office wins as the place (I can really spread out) and I got q-snaps which really helps.  I started playing around with parking threads and its so much easer with q-snaps.

LOTR progress

As you can see, this piece is confetii-city!  Took me 6 hrs + to get where I am now and I think thread parking is helping lots for this project.  I work a full 10x10 square from bottom to top, full colors.  Basically the parked thread closest to the bottom of the square are completed first and I work my way up.  That way - so far - it lessens the knots.

And to finish up, here's Homer completely tuckered out for meowing ALL day for - well, everything and nothing.  Poor furry face (ya, riiight :oP)  Ive had to nudge him a couple times as his snoring is quite loud.

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