Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A huge smattering of stuff

Snow.  Again.  Today.  This winter has been just plain weird.  1)  Its rare when we get snow in December.  2) rarer when we get as much snow as we got in December 3) and that it keeps coming down!

Well, maybe not continuous but the dump and then sprinkles in Jan and now Feb.  Waiting to see what happens in March.

D fell ill yest.  Nasty ill in that he refused to eat or drink anything but water when he got home.  Spent the rest of the evening moaning in bed.  As I didnt want what ever he caught, I grabbed my pillow and extra blanket and camped out in the great room on an overstuffed lazy boy.  No couches - and no blow up bed.  I so want a couch for these times.  Didnt sleep too badly.  I was in one chair, Homer in the other.  But I am tired.

I finally made an appt to see someone about my migraines.  Its either sinus migraines or an infection.  The change in the barometer today is killing me.

Monday & Tuesday ponderings

People and commuter trains are NOT a good mix.  Peeps, the train will win every time during a chicken fight.  Learn it, live it, deal.  Twice this week there have been CLOSE calls.  Both times the person was completely in their own universe and not even looking when crossing the tracks.  I was waiting for a smash and splut but thankfully it didnt happen.

While trying to find some information on InfoPath (microsoft app) for a project at work, I came across a most telling comment from a fellow frustrated searcher.  "The Ministry of Public Education in Redmond (WA)".  He was talking about the extreme lack of "How To" documentation for this app.  I had a good giggle as did my boss when I repeated it to him.  MS has lots of great things to spout off about InfoPath but nothing about how it can be used.  I am thankful for Amazon as I was able to find some non MS books for InfoPath that will be joining my work library on Thursday.

In another Geek notice - Unix time this Friday, 2/13, will reach 1234567890.  How cool is that?

Stitchy Stuff

Decisions have been made on the other LOTR Bap,  Ive tried - twice now - to stitch this monster on 28ct 2x1 or 1x1 and neither are happy stitching.  Im hoping to TRY a smaller project to get used to this type of stitching but at the moment, Im just not happy.  As I found out this weekend with LOTR Map, ripping out on 18ct is a tad easier than on 28ct (as I ripped out what I started with 2x1).  Granted frogging is not a happy situation to begin with but if it has to be done...

So I started my other LOTR bap on 18ct aida Monday.  No pics yet but I did add pics of what the project should look like when completed to my right side bar on the blog.

I also worked a bit on His Name, added 4 small letters and as I was folding up for the night I found that 2 were a full row up from what they should be. *sigh*  Will the frogs just leave me alone??  So I removed the two problem letters and closed up for the night.

At the moment Im planning on pulling out Mine all Mine to frog out that problem spot but will have to see if I can stay up to do just that (see the D issue above).

I leave you with a pic of Homer with his bear - who he is now bringing into the office with him.


  1. Okay, the thought of the cat dragging a bear around with him is funny. And cute. I'm glad you added the LOTR images to the side - wow! What a lot of work! Sorry about the frogs.

    Hope your hubby feels better soon. Whenever DH or I are sick, the "well" person always sleeps in the living room so the sickie can get at least one solid night's sleep.

  2. It does sound like you've had an awful lot of fros visiting you, hope that changes quickly.

    Looking forward to seeing your new start.

    Hope hubby feels better soon. is there anything worse than a sick man lol!!