Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday tales

What is up with going to bed at a reasonable time (10pm), getting a relatively good night sleep (I didnt have to move my booty to the great room for peaceful sleep) but being just dog-ass tired all day?  Add having an application just not allow you to do what you want it to do.  Its like trying to get your take-home pay cover more than it has a right to but you just know that somewhere there is a misplaced decimal thats hiding extra $$!

But that was earlier.  Im still tired but I was able to get home and get a load completed - well at least started.  Dishes are washing (see the load! lol), boys are doing homework and DL helped me transform some really nasty bananas (well, not too nasty) into some banana bread with a splash of Haitian vanilla (yum!) and chocolate chips (double yum!).  He did make sure the chips met standards before they were added to the pan.

I have a confession.  I started another project.  I guess the number of WIPs I already have and the two LOTR BAPs just aint enough.  I started His Name as a gift for my parents.  

Its on 32 ct Lugana, Pink Sandy Beaches with a yellow DMC color trio.  Dad's favorite color is yellow and I didnt like the picks of yellow fabric available for my "needs to have it now" moment.  The parents rarely (if ever) check out the blog so I feel pretty safe posting about it :o)

I had planned on getting Mine all Mine out for some needed surgery (frog removal) but some how banana bread and dinner took precedence and then I just had to go to stitch group tonight :oP.  Nothing added to other projects today - still have a couple of books tugging at me during lunch, guess the projects that do travel with me arent loud enough or want to be worked on too badly...

Thx for visiting :o)


  1. That is beautiful! I haven't seen many freebies based on Scripture, so thanks for sharing that.

    And I'm loving yellow right now, too. I saw your thread choices and just was way too excited for this time of the morning.

  2. Ooo, thanks for the link to that chart...it's neat! I think it's that when your body gets one good night of sleep, it tries to tell you, "Hey, that's nice, but here...feel all the other nights you've missed! Now let's more sleep a habit!" LOL!!!

  3. That floss and fabbie are a fantastic colour combiantion.