Monday, February 2, 2009

Another Monday over!

Wasnt a busy day, just a long day.

Great news - DL finished a big project at school, On Time!  He and his teacher were so excited they emailed me :o)  He was doing a project on the country Turkey.  Then on Cities of the Underworld they were in Turkey - DL got really excited as they were talking about cities he had studied.  Its like he totally got the 2+2 question!

Clean Sheets - What is it about just cleaned sheets that help you drop off to Nod just that much faster?  Sheets get washed every Sunday and every Sunday night I get to snuggle into wonderful clean sheets - mmm

Frogs - What is it about frog infestations that make us place the project infested into an oubliette and forget it for a while (days, months, years?)?  In some cases, the projects in my oubliette dont have infestations that are all that awful, guess I just said enough and its in time out.

LOTR Map - I worked a bit on this during my evening.  Completed another 200 some odd x's.  D says I have made an L, lol.

Im off to bed.  Still working on outsting this darn cold - sneezing hard enough to knock my socks off, and that just saps energy.


  1. I like the idea of "frog timeout". Maybe you didn't mean to neglect them, they were just behaving quietly finally, and you forgot they were in timeout - I did that once with a child (I felt terrible).


  2. Know what you mean about clean sheets, there's something special about getting into a freshly changed bed.

  3. It's a beautiful 'L' really.

    I love clean sheets...especially when they are newish ones that get all crisp and cool. Heaven!

    I hope your sneezles go away soon.

  4. Love your very clever site, and amen to the frogs and oubliettes. You've shamed me into digging them out and getting to it- ugh.

  5. Hey that's not an L its one of the pieces from Tetris!