Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Its Wednesday again...

I finally remembered what I did Friday and why it was blocked from memory - the dreaded yearly review for work!  It was due friday and I still needed to complete the sections where I get to explain just how what I did fit into the company's values.  So not fun and I would rather rub lemons on a paper cut but I some how found enough smelly stuff in me to expound on and finish it some time around 10pm.  After that my brain called a strike and everything else that night is a blank.  I probably went to bed.

D gets to work the local auto show.  Nothing fancy other than the Sales team thinks they can tell the techs (that would be D) what do do and be asses about it.  It will be worse Sun when D gets to go back to prep the cars to head back to the dealership.  Its amazing how Sales acts when its the service dept that keeps the damn place going.  Especially now as more people seem to be keeping the cars they have (service has been slammed with work) rather than buy new.  Now that I think about it, his sales is pretty much like any other...  Wonder why that is?

I would have loved to show you the massive amounts of stitching, that I didnt get done as I left the needed items (needles & scissors) at home whilst P and his bestest friend were watching City of Ember at the library.  I really did go prepared.  Computer for wi-fi access (but all the kiosks were taken), headphones for said computer (but again kiosks were taken and couldnt find an outlet for power) so I hunkered down, pulled out my stitching and found the one stitching bag with the important accouterments was missing!  Damn it all to hell!!!  So I texted D to whine.  And read books from the library.  Luckily I was at such a place where I could do that (LOL).

I do have a lovely e on my His Name piece but it really hasnt grown much from yesterday to warrant a pic.  Maybe tomorrow will bring more completed x's for me to share.  

Gots to go.  D is play Alice In Chains on Rock Band 2 (one of my faves!)

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