Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday, Sunday

Damn weekend went by way too fast.  In fact I cant even remember what I did Friday night!  Now that is sad.  I know what ever I did, I wasnt able to participate in the Friday Night SAT with Lets Stitch bloggers.  I was able to finish an ornie in time for it to be included in January for the 2009 Christmas Ornament SAL blog.

Had a very busy Saturday.  Dropped P off at a friends (early) and went shopping for Jones Soda.  For a product that is sold ~everywhere~ its sure hard to find!  Once we did find it, seems that peeps are very proud of this soda, at +$6 for 4 bottles. So we got Dr Pepper 12 pk instead :oP.  I went and got the threads needed for D's LOTR map bap (just the first run of 90 - I will need more as I go), had to hit up 2 Joann's for the fabric.  Didnt realize how hard it is to keep 18ct aida in stock.  Also got enough fabric to do my LOTR bap.  They will both be huge but will look great in the office.  I spent what I had Sat of not doing errands and all Sun morning winding threads on bobbins.  For D's LOTR, the threads all went into a plastic divided holder, easier to search for the colors.  I did a small grid on both projects and was able to get a small start on the LOTR map today

D got the vacuum cleaner to work this week, damn, oh - Im mean yea!  The darn thing had switched off whilst in the middle of working on the office carpet.  I even moved it to a different plug and couldnt get it to switch on.  Now he thinks I was making the whole thing up and smoking stuff (and Im not sharing!  lol)

Lisa (my sister) has spent this evening trying to mark the SB commercials I should watch when I go surfing for them tomorrow.  Ive had to tell her to shush twice already - one voice and the other via text.  Sad, sad woman!  Just cannot keep comments to herself (LOL). 

Stitcy pics - As its been a while since I have tossed up pics :o)

LOTR Map with stuff

Holly Faerie


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  1. Ooo, Tanglewood is starting to look really cool!

    So, you will have to tell what your favorite commercials were....

  2. Wow LOTR reminds me of my St Petersburg piece its massive.