Friday, January 30, 2009

Fabulous Friday

Quick post for now and Im sure I will spout off on other stuff later.

I actually got some stitches in last night!  Probably about 50 on Tanglewood (no pics) but I have excuses (call them what they are!).

Had to run to the store - we were out of TP AND Kleenex and a family who has colds (yup every single one of us) cannot do with out these two items!  On the way to the store I just had to pause by the library, they had called (several times) to let me know I had items being held for me (AI-man's exact words!) and I needed to drop off the drivel I borrowed last time.  It was actually worse than drivel.  I had hoped for a good sci-fi/fantasy book with a kick-ass heroin but instead I got whiny, wimpy things with "heros" who couldnt think past their pointy body parts.  Talk about a romance gone wrong!  Then I had to remember its my local library who will still take a part a sci-fi series and put some books in fiction and others in sci-fi (where they belong!).  Which is why I always "request" books rather than do the search for them on my own.

Ok, got off on a tangent there (whew!)

Plans for tonight is to join the usual SAT crew at Let's Stitch but I actually have a plan for this Friday.  I NEED to complete (shocking I said that word!) an ornament for the 2009 Ornament SAL blog (among others) for January.  I have a couple already completed and am planning on using the SAL blog to get the blasted things actually completed BEFORE December.  I thing it would bring a good deal of calm for December 2009 instead of rushing around on my Fridays off (fingers crossed that I get those again this year) and the week of Christmas to complete.  SO once I get an ornie completed I will pull out what ever my fingers hit first.  And I think a dragon is itching to have some surgery done so I will want to work on it again, its been hovering around the office lying in wait to pounce, I just know it!

Ok - I need to be done for now so I can run, get some lunch and read more of the new books the library had held for me.  At least these gals can kick ass!


  1. Hope your books are as good as you are expecting them to be.

    Good luck getting the ornies done for the deadline.

  2. You do have a busy life !!! Take care of these colds ;-)

  3. Hope everyone in the family is feeling better soon. Really stinks when you run out of tp and tissue.
    Debra in Indiana