Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday splats of random stuff

Blog changes today.  I finally got the coding needed for a label cloud that I dont have to keep updating outside blogger.   Phydeaux3 has the distructions on how to modify the HTML of your blog to change the regular lable list to a cloud.  They also have info on what to do to change the colors of the text in the cloud.  I changed mine to match text/link colors already in my blog.  Not fun to find all the HEX colors and then finding the RGB conversion and then finding which code = the colors I really want!  

To find what the HEX colors look like, use
To convert HEX to RGB, use

Of course before getting into changing the HTML, be sure to download the entire blog code before making any changes.  Blogger has a tool to do just that.  That way if things really go Kattywampus you can go back to happy and either walk away for a while (no use braking the computer, cause then you couldnt play) or push the arm sleeves up and dive in again :o)

Camera settings - why do they have to be in such small text on the screen?  Found the settings were for ISO 200.  No wonder the pictures were turning out like crap!  Granted the camera is old and that is part of the problem.  The LOTR pic from yesterday was taken in ISO 400 and it turned out tons better than those done in ISO 200.  Bugger!  Still wanting a new camera...

Stitching stuff
I was able to complete quite a bit on LOTR and LOTR Map this weekend.  LOTR got around 500 stitches and LOTR Map got 350 - Frodo has hair!  Not bad eh?

Still having pebkac issues with the camera.  Just not happy about taking pictures :o(

I did create a new pattern with wolves and dream catcher.  I plan on starting on that and the Dragon Tulip found in Mar09 issue of Cross-stitch & Needlework.  Both are gifts for others (so not naming who) and figure its better to get started on them sooner than later.  Both have about 45 color changes (yippee)

Now for the pick of Homer waiting (impatiently!) for food.  Got to wait for 45 min as it just wasnt time to eat yet.

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  1. Process looks like it would be slow on that piece.
    Debra in Indiana