Wednesday, February 25, 2009

One of THOSE days

Its days like this that I just want to climb back into bed and stay hidden under the covers.  Everyone was needy today.  Not that its all bad but good lord it makes those little moments of peace (only found in a bathroom with the door locked) pure heaven!

I should have kept P home today, I kept the tall one home yesterday but no temp, not lots of coughing and bugging the hell out of me (mooom, Im bored!) - so off to school he went.  Got a call from MIL as she was out on a field trip with him and let me know he was burning up (I tossed him out of the house at a norm 98.6).  He was 101.5 when I got home, 102.8 at the Drs 1 hr later and 103.1 before we left (about an hr wait).  A little scary and Im glad I made them take a 2nd temp check before we left.  I could feel the heat radiating off him, he was making the exam room hot!  So we got pedialite freezer stick (1/2 for each kid) for the ride home.  As of 1 hr ago his temp was back to 101.1 - yea for Tylenol!  And he just got a dose of Advil to help keep things down.

Ive just spent an hr working, trying to finish up what I was working on when I had to rush home.  Grateful to mil for being able to drop the boy off at home so he didnt have to wait at school for me.

No stitching tonight, just dont have the energy left :o)

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