Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A bird's feast

Didnt notice them on the way to the bus stop but on the walk back I was shocked that DL didnt see them.  Squirmy worms all over the road (eeewww!).  I didnt stay around to see if birds had a feast or not.

Ponders and soap boxes

Why is it that brain data dumps happen when your working from home?  Not mine (of course) but everyone seems to forget what needs to happen or where things are and Im not there to stick my finger in the dam!  And why does everyone have to ping me all at the same time??  4 people in 1/2 hr! All emergencies (or so it seems)

Delta 32 - Very interesting program on Science Channel about the Great Plague (1665) and super survivors may hold a key to fighting infectious diseases of the 21st century.  Delta 32 could be such a key.  Its amazing to me that scientists are able to do such sleuthing!

New Julia Roberts movie out, Duplicity, and in the previews I swear it looks like she has a tongue stud.  Dont have a problem with that but just cannot picture her with one.

Stitchy stuff
I actually stitched in something tonight!  I added stitching to His Name.  Be warned, its an awful pic.

in leaving - a funny pic of Homer playing with a sash tonight.

And the sprawl only a cat can do well

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