Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hun, we got powederd on again...

It snowed.  Again.  Woke up, turned the kettle on, TV on, changed channel to find out what was going on out in the wild world this morning to hear from the weather man that it snowed.  *sigh*

Snowed a good part of the morning and then - Blue sky and sunshine!  Bye, bye snow!  Now its raining :P

P is a tad better today.  Nothing like the 103 temps.  He has been messing around 101 - 102 for most of the day and finally down to high 99's as of this afternoon.  Poor nose is redder than a fire engine but his head is no longer trying to burst open with every cough.  Making the executive decision and keeping him home another day.

Stitchy Stuff - I know!  you are thinking NO WAY!  But - I did :o)  Decided to bring out Dragon Tulip and added more green.  I am SO glad Im doing this on aida and I gridded.  The color changes are so slight and who ever charted this for the magazine was kind enough to use very similar symbols (grrr).  Still looks like a lost piece of seaweed.

Since I stayed home (and had prior knowledge - I'z a smart mom!), I took over D's office chair as a mobile desk :p  Again, I was able to get tons more done at home than at work.

And for a cuddly pic of homer.  Cant see how he can find these comfy.


  1. Homer certainly doesn't look comfortable.

  2. Glad to hear that your son is a bit better...hope he's all well soon :)

  3. Homer seems to love the floss box as much as you do! Glad your son is doing better. Now the challenge of convincing him he really does need to rest, even though he's feeling better.

  4. Our weather can't decide if it's winter or summer. Yesterday it was mid-70's today it's freezing. I'm tired of the wild shifting!

    I hope P gets to feeling better soon, poor kiddo!

    Lovely seaweed! LOL

    Homer is just adorable, as always. He is such a cuddley-looking kitty.

  5. Don't cats find the most interesting places to sleep? (even when it looks uncomfortable to us...?) Right now, mine is tucked up close to the computer, half-on a stack of books and her head pillowed on my wallet! ;-)

    We got rain as well here today - and it's going to freeze tonight... (sigh)