Thursday, February 5, 2009


Thats what Im claiming to be today.  

1)  I make ice cream - real vanilla (I remembered!), semi-sweet chocolate and Heath pieces (YUM!).  
1)  I passed my hardly-used Heelys to P, his feet are growing and he can now fit into most of my shoes so it made sense.  Also shuts him up from begging for new ones.  
3)  I had P pass is old, small Heelys to DL.  

So not only are the kids giddy for getting ice cream tomorrow (takes a while for it to think in the freezer) they now have "new" Heelys to try and break their cute little necks with!  They are now heeling around my kitchen - too dark to go on the street.  Cant wait for tomorrow - I will be pestered to go out and watch as soon as I pull in the driveway.

Now for ponderings

Make-up companies.  What is with make-up companies and their crappy packaging?  Im not talking about the cardboard.  Im bitching about the container for the shadows and powders.  Lately the eye shadows I purchased (cough - maybelline - cough) every one of the lids snap off after 2 months.   Same thing with the blush.  Lids - broken off. Every. Single. One.  Now with the face powder - that lid is on its way to non existence as bits and pieces just fall off every day.  And Im not hard on my makeup stuff cause for how much I use, it can last 6 months +  so I need the container to last.  But I believe the wonderful companies these days make their packaging so shoddy to make you have to go out and buy new stuff.  pitiful!

Super Bowl Commercials - Now for MY pics.  
The Etrade baby - as usual there is a hit and miss with the Etrade baby.  Some are funny (Blackberry) and some arent (throwup)  The SB had the golf (funny) and the sing-a-long (not).
Bridgestone - Potatoheads
Bud - Clydesdales stick
Pepsi Max - Im Good
Budlight - Drawing board skier
Sprint - What if Roadies ran the world (loved this one!  Almost as good as if Women ran the world!)
Coke - Avatar
Career Builder - Hate your job? (Loved the screaming lady)
Coke - Heist (Big $$$ spent on this one but it was great)
Hulu - Alex Baldwin was perfect in this!

I didnt want to list the ones I didnt like but Pepsi McGruber needs to go down as one of the most stupidest commercials I have ever seen.  I felt sad that Richard Dean Anderson was actually in the commercial.  Hope he was paid well.

As for the movie trailers:  Land of the Lost is the only one Im really iffy on.  Watching Will Ferrell tends to kill brain cells but the trailer actually looked good.  If anything D will get it from Netflix and I will watch it.  The Rock (sorry, Dwayne Johnson - What ever.) looks hilarious in Race to Witch Mountain.  P will like that one.

Now for the Stitchy Stuff!

I worked on His Name today.  Actually brought it out during lunch and worked on it then and on the train ride home.

I leave you with a pic of the silly furry fiend.  He has moved his food and water dishes out from the wall so he can sit and eat/drink with his back to the wall and be able to keep his eye on all of us.  He has been found there in the morning, patiently (riiight) waiting for us to feed him - or at any time we may be "around" the kitchen area.

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  1. Not sure if it's the picture but that yellow sure looks bright.

  2. Oh, Lord...pass me a bowl of that ice cream, please!

    Homer is a cutie, and I'm sure he is very patient when waiting!

  3. Wow! Real ice cream! Where's mine?? I feel Momerific when I make my own homemade hot fudge.