Friday, January 16, 2009

Yea Friday!

Yes its another TGIF.  The week has been too long.  Combining my computer class (my brain is still recuperating from the amount of info shoved) and D working til 6pm+ and the boys being, well - boys, all equals a long week.  Hard to stay up past 9pm

We are getting together with the inlaws to celebrate my birthday this weekend.  Food at Macaroni Grill (mmm). Mom-inlaw was on a cruise the week of my birthday - one well deserved.  She had a great time.

What is it about pre-teens and teens that make them complain about having to wear coats when its below freezing?  Its currently 32 deg outside and P wouldnt take his coat "because it takes up too much space in my backpack".  Like I care.  Sounds like I have to have the "you do not want to get me sick" talk with him again.  I love the kids but hate it when they think they need to share sickness with the whole family.

The library came through for me again!  Just as I was running out of new material to fill the train-riding void in, bam!  I get a lovely call from an AI wannabe telling me I have items being held.  Only bummer is that one of the books is #2 without the #1 - but upon reviewing my account later yesterday I was happy to find that #1 is on its way.

Shopping question - We are planning a trip to a WalMart Supercenter to see what deals can be had on groceries and other normal household needs (shampoo, tide, bounce etc).  Their site has a "list" of items that may be had at the stores but no prices.  Can anyone tell me how comparable they are to say Safeway, Winco, or Fred Meyer.  Its a trek to the nearest WalMart - none exist on the west side of Portland (ok, there is one but no groceries)

On the stitchy front - Midnight Fright has been placed back into the bag, got tired of working on it and found Tanglewood again.  Its out for going to work with me today, like it will be worked on (not!), but I can always hope.  The Lets Stitch SAT is on for tonight (like every Friday) but same as last - I have no clue what I will work on.  I lost a couple of quick projects over the holidays that I would love to finish - just to have that "I got something finished" feeling, in Jan no less!  I know they are somewhere in the house, just need to find the rock they are hiding under...

thx for visiting :o)


  1. All I have to say is I never, ever shop at Safeway unless it's on sale (and some of their sales aren't very good either.) We don't have the other 2 stores you mentioned but we have King Soopers (Kroger) and they're my favorite.

    Wal-mart is much cheaper on a lot of things, but it also depends on how brand-dependant you are. They also don't have as big a selection as the chain grocery stores. But they're pretty much the only place I buy snack foods, toiletries, cleaning stuff and paper products (like paper towels, t-paper, ziploc etc) During the summer, ours even has some local produce (just like the other grocery stores.)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. What a busy time you've had. Even though I shop at WM, I really don't like to because it's so darn big and takes me forever to get everything! Prices are pretty good, though.