Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturdays go by too fast

I cant believe its already 8pm!  Doesnt seem that I have done much of anything today but did.  Shopping for the week - Done, dishes - in the dishwasher, floors vacuumed (just before the damn thing stopped working!)  even added a few more stitches to Tanglewood.  Weekend days need to have longer hrs - Period!

Ive spent a few moments today trying to put the final touches on my LOTR plans.  Whether to do them in 18ct, 25 ct or 28 ct.  I have 18 & 28 to look at (stash) but no 25.  From what my eyeballs can see, I just dont think I can take 28.  I know 22ct aida gives me fits.  I just really didnt want to do it on aida...  I printed out one of the patterns (all 25 pgs!) in prep for purchasing fabric and thread SOMETIME this weekend.  Can you tell Im so jonesing for a new start?

Here is an update of what I accomplished on Tanglewood as of this morning.

Thx for visiting :o)


  1. Lovely work on Tanglewood!

    I agree Saturdays go by way too fast and Sundays are even worse! I vote for three-day weekends!

  2. Wow!!
    That looks complicated..... Great prograss on your Tanglewood~

  3. I love the colours! This is going to be stunning!

  4. And mondays always come too quickly ;-) I vote like Daffycat !!! lol