Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Finally Wednesday

Whew!  Finally reached the end of the three day class.  My brain is packed with stuff I learned and what fun things it could be used for and starting to figure out how to move people to MY way of thinking but have them think it was theirs and the bestest thing in the whole wide world!  

Now for stitchy news

While I havent had the energy to do much I do have an update on Midnight Fright

On the mark


Now time for bed as I have a real day at work tomorrow :op


  1. It's coming along well.

    Nice to see you have progressed beyond the tree.

  2. Looking great :) I love pumpkins...I don't know if it is their color or shape...but they make me smile!

  3. That's turning out nice. Can't wait to see more!