Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Garbage Day!

Well, not a garbage post, but it is the night we (my minions actually) put out the garbage.

Google Reader - I swear I have an addiction.  Im following 200+ blogs in reader and I keep adding more!  Its just the wonderful projects everyone is working on.  And thanks to all the blog awards, Im able to add more :o)  I keep waiting to see the end of the list (hope that never happens!) where I cant find blogs I havent read!

100's of stitches - Its incredible to read on Haed posts how many stitches people were able to stitch in a given time frame.  I have to put that into perspective.  What can look like an extreme amount of stitching isnt any different than what I can do myself in the same time frame - mine can be just more spread out thus not really looking like I got much accomplished.  I think I came to this light bulb moment when I started one of my LOTRs and got 100 stitches (such a small square!) done in no time.

No stitching today.  Lots of blogs to get read (left for tomorrow)- had a book that grabbed me and made me read it - Cast of Fury by Michele Sagara West.  3rd or 4th in the series.  And once it grabbed me it was a good read.


  1. Yes! Way too many blogs of entertaining stitching to get to and still stitch.... maybe we could get audio versions of blogs? :)

  2. Isn't it amazing how 100 stitches in one piece can look like you've done a lot but in another is barely visible.

    I try very hard to avoid adding new blogs or I'd spend even more timne on the computer than I already do.

  3. My garbage goes out in the morning before work. :O)

    I've 284 blogs. OMG Mad isn't it. But yes, I'll add another at the drop of a hat.