Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Off my groove

Seems all it takes now is to come home later than normal and not have anything ready for dinner.  Almost seems to cause the whole family to get pushed off our normal groove.  The last couple of days we have eaten later than 6pm, which thanks to my schedule is about 1 hr later than normal.  Im totally blaming the software class I am taking this week.  I am trying to make this a bit better today by cooking a roast in the crock-pot.  At least I would have the main part of dinner done and only have to put together the salad and heat up potato wedges (cooked over the weekend - See I can plan!)

This class is still throwing off my stitch groove.  Its all I can do to keep the eyes open til 9pm let alone concentrate (count?).  I did work a bit on Midnight Fright but then a little frog decided to show up and I called it a night before it called for friends - I got the hint!  Still no picture updates - havent done enough x's.  Im hoping that next weekend I can get the items needed to start one of my LOTR baps.  Im sure it will be the map one - D has made comments why I havent started on it yet (*sigh) - Ive told him it helps to actually have the stuff to work on the project...  goofball :op

Well Im off to class - last in this series.

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