Monday, January 12, 2009

Classy Monday

Had a share point class today, for work as its (may be) a new app for me to admin.  I was a bit worried at first as I was the only one who was actually using share point, all the others were taking the class to see if the program would fit their needs.  And worried that I knew most of what they would be teaching - with my being nosy around the system we do have.  BUT no!  Im learning new fun (and difficult) things/areas to play around with!  Booya!  Now to try and use these in an actual work environment...  Most of the "tools" they have arent practical for a work environment and keep it user friendly, not having to keep multiple areas updated.  

Not much to report on the stitchy front.  Had a shocker this morning - forgot to arm the alarm this morning and Homer picked today to not bug us for food.  So I got shocked awake 20 min after P and I should have gotten up.  The adrenalin rush that causes is enough to burn through all the day's energy.  It was enough for me to make it through my class!

I did get one whole (smallish) pumpkin completed and 1/2 the outline on a large pumpkin - not enough to warrant a pic.

I think I have subconsciously started a rotation of sorts - by picking 1 project and stitching on it for a week.  Mine all Mine was week 1 (due to a frog - toad infestation), Sunshine House was week 2 (til I completed what I could) and so far this week has been Midnight Fright.  Not sure if I will change this or not - have quite a few WIPs that need to get worked on.  Would like to get some completed for birthday or Christmas (gasp!) presents this year :o).

Thx for visiting :o)

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  1. I often find myself working on one particular project for a week or so.