Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lazy Saturdays...

I must have a sickness!  I have 2 baps waiting to be kitted up and what do I do?  Go trolling on the HAED site and pick out more!  Good lord what Im I thinking?  Must have been the fabulous head massage I got during my hair cut appt today.  The woman was fabulous and spent extra time during the hair washing portion just for massage, mmm.

What is it about the weekend that makes me want to troll the web for more projects?  I was looking for Christmas stuff (still in the mood I guess) and stumbled across tree skirts and my mind just went crazy!  First one I saw was an old Christmas village, then I saw another one with a skate rink then the final one with 5 St. Nicks!  Unfortunately its a kit from Dimensions, I dont really care for kits but its only $50 and it comes with everything.  Now I just need to find one close by so I can get a better look at the St.Nicks to see if they are what I want.  If not, the idea is great enough that I could make my own, just need to find the charts, gather the threads and get the skirt sewn.

I worked more on Mine All Mine for last nights SAT.  He is looking pretty good.  Havent worked much on him today but Im sure I will later this evening.

I opened my Birthday present(s) from my sister early.  She gifted me 3 movies, 2 I havent seen - Something's gotta give and School of Rock.  The other movie - Hitch, I saw on a plane, funny movie.  All three are nice additions to our movie library.  Thx Sis!


  1. You must tell me what HAED's your looking to do...someday I'll be brave brave brave and join you! LOL Your WIP looks awesome and I'm totally with you on Dimensions. What is it about those? I HATE stitching them but they look so great when they are done. How do they do that? Again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  2. The skirt idea sounds great.

    The dragon looks good,have you done a similar one? If not maybe I saw one like it on someone elses site!!

  3. I can't wait to see that dragon finished! It looks great. I'm not brave enough to attempt an HAED yet. Mirabilia gives me enough problems, lol!

  4. Mine all Mine is looking good.

    Gosh this must be the year of the HAED and I've not fallen prey to that!

  5. Mine All Mine is looking fantastic! It seems like the Friday night SAL is helping a lot of people make excellent progress on their projects.

    My sister did a Dimensions tree skirt kit many years ago, and it is gorgeous. Hers was a Victorian village scene.

  6. Your "Mine All Mine" looks great so far. Can't wait to see more.

  7. Greetings Rachel,

    And Happy New Year to you and
    your family.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog
    and leaving a comment. It's
    always exciting to meet new
    bloggers/stitchers/book lovers/
    cat lovers. Especially when
    they're all combined into one person. Bonus!!!

    I have the same problem that
    you do when it comes to stash.
    More then enough stash at home
    to last me for around 500
    years, give or take a decade.
    So why am I visiting my favour-
    ite designers sites looking at
    all their new stuff???

    I have the same problem with
    books. Not my fault...they
    just keep writing them.

    ohhh...I can't wait to see how
    those LOTR projects go. I loved
    those movies, and the books,
    so seeing the posters brought
    to life in thread will be

    322 x 500??? 50 colours???

    Better you then me!