Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ponderings of a stitcher

Last day of vacation.  I have officially been away from the office for 3 weeks, thx to the weather and school being closed for a week.  No, I havent had 3 weeks of vacation as most of this time Ive been logging into work and making sure there were no fires to put out.  Ive gotten used to the naps and the lazy mornings and the non-rushing around in the morning to get dinner ready dinners (Ive been using the crockpot a lot lately)

The ort jar - Thx to Dani Im now thinking of clearing it out and starting over but its hard,  I just got the darn thing filled (almost).  Then I got to thinking some more (I know - dangerous) - what about waiting til spring and leaving the ort out for birds to use in nests?  hmmm, may be a good spring ritual to have :o)

Exchanges - always sound like so much fun but I never know if I will have enough time to join one.  Im going to pass on them for now as Im involved in quite a few SAL blogs but may join up later in the year.

Book annoyances - ok first annoyance is my public library not having the first book in a series.  They can have the others but not the first.  Sometimes not the first 2.  So pisses me off!  I dont want to buy a book recommended to my by someone that Im not sure about the synopsis - that is where the library comes in.  Ditto for the economy - cheaper to "rent" books than buy them.  This leads into my second annoyance and that is to my favorite authors moving from cheap paperback to expensive hard bound!  Now I will clap and cheer to their success but dang, I cannot afford to keep up my book habit when everyone is coming out with hard bounds!  It conflicts with my stash habit and sorry, at this time stash is winning :oP  Latest author to make it to hard bound - Patricia Briggs with Bone Crossed, the latest in the Mercy Thompson series.  Im waiting for Karen Chance to be the next one to cross over to the hard bound way. (*sob)

Today has been spent working more on Mine all Mine and book shopping.  I know!  After the rant above eh?  I received a gift cert to Powells Books so I spent most of the afternoon looking through Amazon and my want list.  Not all the books I wanted ended up on the buy list.  Some were able to make it on my library request list and others I added to my want list.  But I will have 5 new books heading my way in the next week.  More reading goodness for the train ride in as I dont have stitchy projects I want to do on the train at this time.

Now for the pic I know you've been waiting for - Min All Mine update...

He has an eyeball, mouth, teeth and tongue.  The better to see and eat candy canes!

Thx for staying for the whole post today.  My I was mouthy!  And a big thx for all the comments!  What a great motivator :o)

Snow update:  can you believe it?  PDX is getting more snow!  The boys are hoping for yet another day off from school and Im wanting to go in for a vacation away from the house!


  1. Mine all mine is looking fantastic.
    I use my orts to fill a stitched piece.
    That annoys me too when the library doesn't have the first in the series, but the others.

  2. Your dragon now has a face! He is very cute. I have also been frustrated by the library missing book one in a series. I stopped buying books a long time ago. With paperbacks costing nearly ten dollars, they just got too dear. I also ran out of shelf space.

  3. Nice progress.
    Debra in Indiana

  4. Mine All Mine is looking so cute!

    I am now thinking of having an ort jar and I love your idea of emptying it in the spring for the birds to use as next materials. Now I need to find a jar I can use:)


    Carol at Garden of Stitches recently mentioned Paperback Swap at this web site: . She said she's had a lot of fun with it. You might want to check it out. I have a lot of books that I've read and know I'll never read again, so I think this is a great way to get the books I want to read but can't get at the library or the local used book store. (I hate paying full price for books.)

  6. I confess, I am so attached to my orts, I cannot throw them out. Sad.

    I completely agree about hardcover books...there are few authors I cannot wait until paperbacks come out for.

    Super stiching!

  7. Now that he has a face he looks like a very friendly dragon, is he meant to be?