Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2 of 2009

started off snowy - YES more snow! Well, not much (an inch) and it was mostly gone by the afternoon but enough already!  They are threatening more tonight.  Im so ready for winter to end - sound like a broken record eh?

I added more x's to Mine all Mine, pics to be posted tomorrow.  But for a text visual, the dragon now has 1 ear and his chest completed.

I over heard a new process for stitching.  When stitching with 2 threads, separate them, then put them back together, thread the needle and voila!  Less railroading to do!  One of the reasons I love going to stitch group - new stitchy processes to try out!  As I sew stitch, I have quite a few railroading to do and even then I still have one thread that tends to end up shorter than the other (talk about annoying!)  Since I started separating the threads before threading the needle, Ive had less of both (so far).

In blogging news, my sister now has a blog.  Its a non-stitchy blog for now.  I am slowly working on getting her back in the madness that is stitching! (muhahaha)


  1. Stitching is madness! I remember pulling out more than I stiched! I was never as patient with it as you are. I actually found up in my craft stuff some practice cross stitch stuff for Katie. I think she probably has the patience for it. I can start her out on those.

    Thanks for posting my blog.

  2. Yup I'm tired of winter already too. I was looking at flights to Florida for March Break yesterday! Yes, that's how pathetic I am.

  3. omg I have that LOTR poster in my basement! It would look AWESOME in stitchy! Not to add to the pressure of a BAP by the your a january baby too?????? I knew I liked you!!!! :-) we must stick/stitch together! Happy Birthday to you my dear! :-)