Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Tuesday Woolgathering

could be woolgathering or could be I need to move the cob-webs out of the corners as well as the colds so I can think?

The cold D shared with me and morphed has transferred its way back to D.  He actually got sent home from work today.  Quite funny actually as it was snowing, started out freezing rain and thoughtfully changed to snow, and while DL and I were waiting for the school bus I saw D pull in to the driveway.  Also found out my mom may have the same thing.  I saw her briefly Friday so must have shared, she is blaming P for her current woes.  Damn Im good :op

I have been working on Holly Faerie but not much has changed since the last update on Sunday.  While I was home yesterday (end of semester grading for the kids) I was slammed with work and didnt get much time to add x's.  Then D and I cashed it in before 9pm!  So weird for us to do - really shows how much under the weather we both are.

Homer has been in a strange mood.  Still really wanting to play and will let me know with a loud meowl.  I know Ive said it before but its just so nice to see/hear.  I always make sure to take time and play with the furry monster.

Yesterday I tried to make a decision on whether or not to change the LOTR from 28ct to 25ct evenweave.  Found Joann's had a sale on DMC 25ct, just the size I needed and it wasnt marked "online only" but local stores didnt have (I called).  Then I called the ordering number and found that "shocker" it is an online item only - bugger!  I dont want to order an item for 5.95 and pay 5.95 shipping!  Or even for 2!  Just isnt cost effective.  I dont need 2, just the one.  *sigh.  So wasnt happy.  So I guess Im back to the 28 ct and waiting for my sinuses to get back on track so I can focus on small, tiny, little holes.

Not many have commented on my fair questions other than to go for it :o)  I will definitely try to get something in for this year.  I have read on other blogs that people try and enter tons of stuff.  Unfortunately (?) my county fair only allows you 1 item per section.  such as sampler with alphabet with beads, sampler with alphabet no beads.  and so on.  I am going off last year's rules and cant think they've changed much.

No pic updates today.  Havent done anything so far and not sure if I will get anything out for today.  Off to play with the cat...

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